Hike the Cranberry Bog at Cape Henlopen (and Enjoy Cranberry Sauce!)

Hike the Cranberry Bog at Cape Henlopen (and Enjoy Cranberry Sauce!)

Did you know that there is a cranberry bog right inside Cape Henlopen State Park in Lewes? On November 26th, explore the pinelands trail and search for cranberries, wildlife and other natural wonders that the early colonists might have seen themselves on the Cape Henlopen Cranberry Bog Hike. Wear comfortable walking shoes and dress for the weather.

If you can't find any cranberries to take home on your hike, store bought is fine for this delicious cranberry-honey sauce, courtesy of Asher Truitt of Local on the Menu restaurant Heirloom in Lewes.

Cranberry-Honey Sauce

-About 3 cups cranberries
-1 nub of ginger
-1 orange
-1 cinnamon stick
-Enough honey of your choice to fill the jar
-1 quart mason jar
-peeler or spoon
-microplane (optional)
-food processor (optional)

1. Pop the cranberries or poke with a fork to open them up. You may also lightly pulse in a blender or food processor. This will speed up the fermentation time. Then add them to the jar.
2. Remove the ginger's skin with either a peeler or by scraping with a spoon. Add ginger and cinnamon to the jar.
3. Add the juice (and the zest if desired) of one orange.
4. Add honey to the jar until there's about 2 inches of space from the top of the jar.
5. Tighten the lid and shake the jar lightly.
6. Let sit for 2 weeks.
7. Each day, open the lid to allow any built up gases to escape.

The cranberries will lose their tartness and become sweet. The honey will become a thin, red syrup. This is great topping for anything, including cakes and pies, as well as meats. You can also use the sweetened cranberries to make traditional cranberry sauce.